7 signs that You are overtraining without even knowing that.

Some people don’t beleive that over training is real but scientific result tells a whole of a different story, Overtraining is real and its bad. I know it specially i have suffered from overtraining a couple of times already. Some of the time it was more obvious because i was training 2-3 hours each day. While led to  torn biceps also some of the times, it wasn’t obvious.
The fact is that You absolutely need to push yourself to see results from your workouts because  undertraining is very real aswell, and may be more commen than over-training. When you don’t push yourself enough while working out, and you don’t progressively overload  a higher training volume over time, the level of stress you are putting into your body is just not enough to improve your body. The sweet spot for seeing result is quiet between undertraining and over training. But if you cross that line, you might be working harder than ever but might not be seeing improvements. You’ll be slowing down your progress, creating hormonal imbalances, and if you continue overtraining for too long you can gain body fat, lose muscle mass and even LOWER YOUR SEX DRIVE. Long story short, overtraining isn’t only caused by working out too much, but it’s the combination of putting too much physical, psychological and Environmental stress on your body,  Leading to problem that you would definitely want to avoid. And luckily there are some SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF OVERTRAINING but if you don’t know them, you might not even notice them.

 signs that You are overtraining ,

So today I wanna give you guyz 7 signs You should look out for To ENSURE THAT YOU ARE NOT OVERTRAINING. And make sure you stick in with the whole article because after I give you these 8 signs to look out for, i will also give you 5 ways to gurantee that you never over train again.

7 signs that you are overtraining

1. Decrease in performance levels
First off all I wanna start with the one of the most obvious signs, which is decrease in performance level. Now, if you’re working out really hard, it typically goes well. But then you have one or two bad days where you feel weaker and tired during your workout. That’s perfectly normal and that’s probably not safe to assume that you’ve hit the point of overtraining. On the other hand, if you consistently try to complete intense workouts to see some progress but instead, you are losing strength and endurance or you are repeatedly failing to complete your workout, you might be crossing that line. If you are overtraining and it’s resulting decrease in performance you’ll experience things like noticable change in your grip strength. The weight will feel heavier on your joints and bones. You have less stability and precision with movement patterns. And decrease in Explosiveness.
If your consistently experience these issues then you might be seeing much better results by backing off rather than working harder. It may seem counterintuitive that rest will help you make progress but the best athletes, strongmens, and bodybuilders all know that training smarter will get you much further than always training harder.

2. Feeling sore for really time period
Another sign you will experience is feeling really sore for really longperiod of time. This is not to be confused with DOMS which stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Which is that sore and sometimes feelings that ususally will start the day after training. Usually peaking at about day2  and it can last upto the third day. The process of DOMS is perfectly normal and it is usually caused by either trying an iunfamiliar exercises or from shocking your body with different training styles like Dropsets, Supersets and  Rest-Pause training. Or from rapidly increasing your training volume.
 However, if you aren’t really doing something new and your are feeling a soreness that’s different than the usual soreness that you experience from your regular training, i am talking about the soreness that you experience for few extra days and also might be a little bit more painful than usual then you might be running into this problem because if the soreness is so great that it feels like it’s back to the very first time that you lifted weights, and You feel like you can’t even lift your arms or you can’t walk upstairs without pulling yourself up by the railing then you may have overdone it. Remember if you are a beginner, You’ll feel a lot more soreness from your workouts but if you’ve been at it for some times now, you shouldn’t be sore for extensively long periods of time.

3. The sudden loss of motivation to train at all
 Let’s move on to next big sign which is the sudden loss of motivation to train at all. Obviously, if you have been a couch potato for last six months and you Don’t feel like working out then you aren’t overtraining. However, if normally you look forward to your workouts but now, you have no desire to even show up to the GYM then that could be a big problem. Eventhough, overtraining is largely felt physically. Like i  said, it is cause by excess of accumulation, of physical, psychological, and Environmental Stress. All of this can lead not only to feel bad, physically which working out but it can also affect you Psychologically making you feel like you have no motivation to workout at all. Eventually, this can lead to depression if you recognize what is stressing you out, and revaluate your approach.

4. Constantly getting sick
Another symptom is, constantly getting sick. Eventhough, you are living a healthy lifestyle and treating you body with proper nutrition. If you’re constantly exercising, eating a well balanced diet and you are getting enough sleep and you’re not drinking alcohol or you’re only drinking it in moderation atleast. You shouldn’t be getting sick all that often. However, if you’re following all these healthy habits but you are constantly sniffling or catching cold, this could be another sign of overtraining.

5. Flat looking muscles
So next we have the symptom of flat looking muscles and maybe even full out muscle loss. This can also be coupled with more of a loaded look with excess water intension. If you’re overtraining, you aren’t giving your body enough time to recover from the work you have been doing. A reduction of protein synthesis combined with increased protein breakdown leads to muscle loss and even worse, a full out injury.

6. General fatigue or sluggishness
This is the result of overworking your sympathetic nervous system. And in the process, you are decreasing testosterone levels and increasing cortisol levels way too high. When you increase cortisol for a short length of time while working out, That’s perfectly normal. Those elevated level of cortisol will drop right back down soon after you’re done exercising. However, if you constantly Experience so much stress from working out As well as other external factors,  those cortisol level continuously  stay elevated for longer time, leaving you tired, sluggish and easily annoyed all day long.

7. Insomnia or restlessness; –
This has to do once again with your sympathetic nervous system. If you are working quiet hard with your nervous system then it can be over stimulated and due to the over production of stress hormones you might not be able to wind down and completely relax when you’re actually trying to get the sleep. This will make it harder to get asleep. It ultimately leads to VICIOUS CYCLE of less recovery and more fatigue.

So these are the seven sign and symptoms that i wanted to look out for.
I am gonna prepare an article on  “five guranteed ways to prevent this from actually happening “. 


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