Abs workout for women: Get flatter stomach in 9 weeks

abs workout for women


Workout introduction:-
Hey Viewers! My name is Sushant Ranabhat and I have prepared a proper set of abs workout for women which could be the ideal result for your question, How to get abs? It is just that we are just gonna talk about the workout in this article.

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So let’s talk some more about this workout, this is also a great lower ab workout which means that it will surely help you get rid of those lower abdominal fat and possibly get you visible lower abs which is absolutely the hardest obstacle on your road to getting visible Sixpack abs.

abs workout for women

This workout might stand out as a great abs workout for the beginners as it is a beginner-friendly workout. With the following six pack workout, you can get a great looking six-pack in just 9 weeks and it is a guarantee of ours. But remember something that you have to have a proper diet intake which is rich in protein, has low fat (only healthy fat) and just enough calorie (about 1800 calories on average).

Your calorie intake should be fully dependent on how hard you will get in this workout. For example, if you aim to do it for 2-3 times a week (which is average) you can take 1800 calories. And go up to 5 times a week (not more than that) with proportional calorie consumption.

abs workout for women

While talking about protein, professionals suggest that every person should consume 1 gram of protein for every pound of body weight for a healthy life but it’ll work a little bit different here. You can consume 110grams of protein a day as it is for females and females require quite less amount of protein practically. And it is constant

This workout is not gonna require complex gym machines, you will only need a pair of the dumbbell. As said in the title of the article, this workout will cover a duration of 9 weeks in which you will work 15-35 minutes in every workday which you prefer.

abs workout for women

This workout is a single muscle group targeting (which is of course your abs). As said it is combined to be ideal for females/women. It aims to get you the flatter stomach you would always have dreamed of.

It contains various flat stomach exercises so you don’t need to be worried about those.

It is ideal either you are at home or at the gym. It is a proper combination of best lower ab exercises for women and upper ab exercises. 

After talking all this about this six pack workout, let’s dive into it.
Abs Workout
Weeks 1-5
Exercise Sets Reps or Time
Cable Crunch 2-3 15-25
Plank 2-3 30-60 Seconds
Hanging Knee Raise 2-3 10-20
Dumbbell Side Bends 2-3 10-20
Abs Workout
Weeks 6-8
Exercise Sets Reps or Time
Twisting Bench Crunch (Reps are per side) 3-4 20-30
Plank With Feet On Bench 3-4 60 Seconds
Weighted Sit Up(with a dumbbell on the chest) 3-4 20-30
Wood Chop (Reps are per side) 3-4 10-20



Above is the best ab workout routine which I personally prefer to all of my female trainees who come to me for help on successfully getting a flatter stomach. I hope for the best to happen to you with this ab workout routine. 

Abs workout women. If this workout seems good to you then you can try this workout and please don’t forget to share your achievements after 9 weeks by emailing us at- Thefitnesscoach10@gmail.com.

And if you have any queries regarding this subject then please don’t hesitate to comment on your confusion.

Author:- My name is Sushant ranabhat. I am a professional fitness trainer and resident of the mountainous country NEPAL.



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