Arnold tells secret of his Gaint Chest | Arnold Chest Workout for mass | 2019


Everyone who is intrested in bodybuilding know Arnold. And how his chest was at his golden era. We interviewed him and asked him how he got such massive chest muscles. This is what he said.

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Arnold said, “I think that the Three chest exercises/ movements that I have ever done from the first day of my training to the end of it is: bench press, incline press (in different levels. So, i started from low then medium and high weight scale) and the third one is flies.

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I mean, to me the fly was the exercise that gave me full pectoral development. Because, I went all the way down (in almost hitting the ground) and I was a big beleiver in expanding chest as much as possible and giving that stretch because remember, with muscles to get bigger chest, all you need is to get the stretch and the flex.

arnold chest fly, arnold chest workout

So for me, going all the way out with the dumbbells (as far as you can to get the stretch ). Then come in, remember to Have the dumbbells touched to get the best quality of flex. And then going out again.

arnold chest fly, arnold chest workout

These are the kind of exercises which are for me, unreplacable/ unsubtitutable with any type of machine. This is it.

One of the main things of course, in order to create the size and create the muscle growth is that, sometimes your bodyhit the wall. What that usually means is that your body is saying “Look! I know all your tricks. I know you are going to start first with bench press. And then I know you are gonna walk up to chin up bars and then I know you are gonna walk up to bench press. I know the truth in. I know exactly everything you do. And I am prepared for what you are really going to do.”

 So, the thing is that, you will have to get there and use this shocking principle.
The chest knows that you are gonna start with 135, then I will go to 225! And then 275.

But I You gotta get there and start with 315. And do 20 reps with it. And then I am gotta go down. Do 10-15 reps of that. Again take a break and continue with 10 more reps.

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And, lets see if the pectoral muscle is used to that. And then, All of  the sudden you will find that your pectoral muscle is shaking after that. And then you don’t know what to do because it is cramping and it’s like it is being tortured.
It is in the pain! Because you have shocked the muscle. ”



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