The 10 Best Abs exercises at gym| Target your whole core


Hey guys, I am Sushant Ranabhat and in this article, i am gonna be helping you out on getting your dream abdominal with these 10 Abs exercises at gym which you and your trainer are probably neglecting.

Working on abs is something every person thinks at the gym from the first time. It is the most preferred muscle from most fitness personnels. But what actually is happening is that most persons don’t do it in proper way (form) or does completely useless exercises for abs.

Considering the fact that your abs are at the centre of your body, your abs gets worked even when you do compound exercises like Deadlifts or squats. But that isn’t enough for your core.

Just crunching your abs isn’t gonna give you the abs you always dreamt of. You will need to do multiple abs  exercises at gym rather than just a crunches or depending on any other compound exercises.


In this list of exercises, we have listed 10 completely different abs exercises which mentions 2 upper abs exercises, 2 middle abs exercises, 2 oblique exercises and 4 lower abdominal exercises.
As most of you guys are saying in the comment that youare having harding removing those lower abdominal fats. Therefore, majority of this list are lower abs exercises.

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10 Best abs exercises at gym:-)

1.Weighted crunch:-

Crunch is a very classic abdominal exercise of which almost every person in the world has heard.
But, if your aim is to strengthen your core or carve out your six-pack then ordinary crunch isn’t enough for you. You should be doing several other exercises targeting specific muscles on your abdominals. The following list actually does that for you. But for the moment lets talk about weighted crunch (a intermediate level variation of an ordinary crunch).
This exercise(weighted crunch) is just the same movement like crunch.
Difference is that, You should add some weight, either by using weight-vest or anyother like dumbbell, weight plate etc.
Click here to learn how to do weighted crunch and its benefits. 

2. Modified v-sits/jackknife sit-ups:-

It is a beginner level exercise which targets your upper abdominals.
It is a very good exercise for core stability. It secondarily works your internal and external obliques, and the deep-seated transversus abdominals.

For getting ideal outcome, proper form is crucial. So, click here to learn how to do V-sits with proper form.

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3. Abs Rollout: –

Targets: – Full Core including rectus abdominal, obliques
The abs rollout is extremely beneficial abs exercise at gym. The reason why it is so special is the flexion it provides. Which helps you get stronger and more defined abs.
If your goal is to get a better looking body, then you must put this exercise on your workout.
Click here to learn how to do abs rollout with proper form

Equipment Required: –Barble / Abs Roller / Dumbbell. Any of them.

4.Oblique crunch:-

Oblique crunch another crunch movement on this list. As it’s name says, it primarily targets your obliques and also your rectus abdominis.
You can make this movement harder by adding some extra resistance  (weights).

Click here to learn how oblique crunch is done with proper form

As an alternative for your obliques, you can perform following exercises:- Russian twist, ballet twist, side plank hip lifts,

 Target:- obliques 

How to:-

Lie flat on the floor. Lift both of your left upward at 75degrees. 

Then firstly put your left hand on the floor and right hand bent and palms on your head. Now, crunch up on your hip and butt in a V position. Prohibit bending your legs. This is one reps from a side. Now do the vice-versa.

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6.Reverse floor crunch:-

Reverse crunch is an intermediate level variation of ordinary crunch exercise. It works your whole rectus abdominals upto your deep lower abs and also the obliques. But its primary muscle is middle and lower abs. It is a great abs exercise at gym. 
The reverse crunch is a very best exercise if you’re aiming to get visible and well defined six-pack abs. Because it hits all of the showy abdominal muscles.
Click here to learn how to do reverse crunch with proper form

7.Bicycle crunch:-

Bicycle crunch is a major mid abs exercise which can be done by just your bodyweight.
The main reason for doing this exercise is because it doesn’t only engage your usual abs but also engages your deep abs muscles. Because of the raising movement of your leg, you can engage your transverse abdominis which is very hard to target as it is found very deep in your abdominals.
Additionally, it also helps you tone your thighs as it’s bicycle movements works on your hamstrings and quads.
Click here to learn, how to do bicycle crunches with proper form. 

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8.Mountain climber:

Mountain climber is the first lower abs exercise in this list. It is a great exercise for core strength, cardio endurance and agility. While you do this movement, your shoulder,  stabilizes your upper and Your core does that for your lower body and that’s where it gets worked.
How to do mountain climber with proper form? 👈👈👈👈👍Click there to learn more about mountain climber exercise (it’s benefits, how to and special tips)

9.Hanging leg raises:-

It is an intermediate level exercise which requires a pull up bar.
The hanging leg raises mostly targets your lower abs. It is a very tough but efficient movement if done with proper form.
What makes it better than any of crunches is it’s range of motion. It allows you to extend your core to a greater range.
It has an additional benefit for gymnasts. It helps you develop in gymnastic and other calisthenics movements.
How to do hanging leg raise with proper form? With benefits and variations

10.Flutter kicks:-  
Targets:-Best for Lower abs  

Last but not the least, it is flutter kicks. As it is in the you might have already guessed that it is also extremely beneficial for core development. What makes it different from others it that this exercise also helps you improve your posture, balance and stability.
How to:-
  •  Lie on your back while having leg and hand fully stretched and straight.( Remember, your leg shouldn’t touch the floor.) 
  • Now, lift your legs alternatively as shown in the picture above. (You should lift the feet upto 6 inches from the initial position. And remember not to touch the ground with feet and any moment while performing this exercise.)  
  • It should be alternatively like a scissor motion as shown in the figure above. 


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So, that was the list of 10 best abs exercises at the gym.

Is Deadlift a good exercise for Abs?


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