14 best exercises for abs you must put on your abs workout

six pack abs

Best exercises for abs👍👍:-
At this moment, every person needs to work on their core strength. Having high corestrength can help us in every regular activities regarded to out living. Specially for athletes engaged on –basketball, Mountaineering, Pole sports or any other sports activites, it is essential to work on improving Core strength.

For getting a huge core strength you gotta work on your Abs (professionally known as rectus abdominis), V-Cuts, obliques, and side abs. There are other inner muscles in core, i.e. transverse abdominals and internal obliques.
But before getting onto this core training, you should keep on mind that getting those visible abs is not gonna be easy if you already have too much fat so work more and more, 

abs workout

Now, finally lets dive right into the topic. Here I have divided  the list of best 20+ workouts into two divisions (bodyweight and free-weights). 

Top 6 best workouts for abs (Equipments required):-

  1. Russian twist(dumbbell) :-
    Russian twist

 Targets:-Rectus abdominis, inner and outer obliques. 

 As a starter workout i would like to present one of the most mechanical workouts. Watch the above picture to know how a “russian twist with dumbbel” is actually done. 

Equipments required :- Dumbbell only. 

2. Weighted Crunches: –

Weighted crunch

Goal: – Upper and middle abs

At this time, almost all know what dogs actually do. Cranch of course is the most known absentee. In weighted dogs, you have to take some weight plates or dumbbels in your hand or you can keep on weight wall. Its movement is different. Watch this clip for a complete guide

Equipment Required: – Weight Ball OR, Weight plate or dumbbell or weight gesture.

3. Weighted V-ups: –

Goal: – Challenges the entire core and also helps in the development of harmstring.

In V-up, you must basically have to balance your glates, the cord-bone is far away from your torses and feet. The right V-up key is to attach your abs and back muscles as stability rather than using the full speed. How it works here: –

Throw your cancer blade back flat in your flat, push back in the lower back floor and stomach tight. Make sure your feet are straight. Keep your hands straightforward overview.
Now take your foot and arms at the same time. Keep your feet straight and you can win. Try touching your feet with your fingers.
Reduce your back in the starting position. This is a recurrence. Keep 10-15 Representatives. Here’s a clip that shows V-up how to load good weight.
Device Required: – Best Bubble / Dumbbell or any hand source.

4. Dip / Leg Raising Combo: –
Target: – low abs, obliques and tricep.

“DIP” is actually a workout that works in your shoulder andv chests, but when ticking is combined with the dip, it becomes a very good exercise to work on abs. Follow these steps to learn how to do this: –

Keep your body away from a drainage machine. Go to the handles and lock your weapons. Keep your feet straight and lift your feet up on the waist. For half a second and then get them down.
Device Required: – A Dip Bar.

5. Abs Rollout: –

abs rollout

Goal: – Targetting Full Core.

Here’s how the Rolls out: – Put both of us rolled on Abs Roller and knock on the ground. Now put the roller in front of you so that you can knee and knee in all your hands). This will be your starting point. Perhaps move your roll straight into the position, now roll the roller straight ahead. Tip: Go down as far as you can leave the floor with your body. During this part of the movement, breathing. After stopping in a strong position, start taking yourself back while moving yourself out. Tip: Go slowly and keep your isolation tight at all times.

Equipment Required: –Barble / Abs Roller / Dumbbell. None of them.

Bodyweight Abs Exercises:-

1. Reverse Floor Cranch: – Target: – Lower and Central abs

reverse crunch
  1.   Lie on your back while your knees are joined together  and perpendicular to your back, feet planted on the floor. Tighten your abs, lift your hips off the floor as you crunch your knees inward to your chest. Stop for a moment at the top, then lower back down prevent fron arch back and don’t lose the contact of back with the floor. 

  2. Drunken Mountain Climber :-      Targets:- Side abs and obliques 
    drunken mountain climber

    The drunken mountain climber is quiet same as the mountain climber but here,  the movement of your feed goes quiet sideaway. 

  3. Arms high partial situps:- Targets:- Upper and middle abs.

    best exercises for abs
     This workout is same as the levitation crunch. Here, You dont have to lift any weights.


  4. Heel touch:-  Targets :- Obliques and side abs


    heel touch

    Lay down with your back on the ground and your knees bent and pointed towards the ceiling.With your arms on your side raise your shoulders slightly off the ground.Using your abs rotate your right hand down to your right foot and then back up.Then do the same thing with your left hand.Alternate back and forth for the desired amount of repetitions

  5. Flutter kicks:-  Targets:-Best for Lower abs 
    flutter kicks
      Lie on your back while having leg and hand fully stretched and straight. Remember, your leg shouldn’t touch the floor. Now, lift your legs alternatively as shown in the picture above. You should lift the feet upto 6 inches from the initial position. And remember not to touch the ground with feet and any moment while performing this exercise.  It should be alternatively like a scissor motion. 


  6. Straight feet windshield wiper:-  Targets:-Side abs and obliques

    straight feet windshield wiper


    Lie on your back on the floor while having your legs 90 degrees(perpendicular). Spread your arms straight out to your sides for support. Rotate the legs to a side as low as you can, but prevent touching the floor. Then get to initial position and rotate to the other side. As you feel like you are improving, bring hands closer to body so that your core has more work for balance.

  7. Oblique V-ups:- Targets:- obliques

    oblique v ups


Lie flat on the floor. Lift both of your left upward at 75degrees. Then firstly put your left hand on the floor and right hand bent and palms on your head. Now, crunch up on your hip and butt in a V position. Prohibit bending your legs. This is one reps from a side. Now do the vice-versa.

8. Side plank hip lifts:- Targets:- Side abs. 

side plank hip lift


 Lie on your left side propped up on your left elbow and forearm, shoulders stacked over your elbow, legs stacked on top of each other, and hold a dumbbell in place on top of your right hip.Raise your hips so that your body forms a straight line from head to heels. This is the starting position.Keeping your core braced and your glutes engaged, slowly lower your left hip, tapping it gently on the floor.Reverse the move, returning to side plank position. Then switch sides doing vice-versa, performing equal reps on each.         


9. Russian V tuck twist:-

russian v tuck twist

 Lie on back with arms held. Tighten your core forward then lift your head and legs off of the ground and rotate the hands and torso to the right and then left. Return to the initial position, stay relaxed and then repeat the movement again. 


You should know something that not every abs are  made to be same. Many have 6 packs, some have 8 and legitimately some gets 10packs. Also not every muscles genetics/types are same. Some peoples get a visible abs in just a bit of time But peoples go through hard time on getting the same change for the same previous state. Never give up on physiques things by saying that you have bad genetics. So, Just work harder and reach your goals. 

And most importantly, The advice/tips i give to everyone is that “it’s all in your mind”. If you go with proper mindset and push with a proper motivation no one can stop you from reaching your goals.


Hope you liked and appreciated the list of “Top 20+ best workouts for abs“. For more of these please comment below, what you want next for me.


And for acknowledging about impact of exercises on mental health,  click below.


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