6 best exercises for belly fat + 5 Diet & Personal Tips


The straight forward answer for anybody searching for the best exercises for belly fat. The exercises listed below consists of varieties of exercises in terms of equipment required. In fact, some of them are bodyweight exercises. That means you don’t even need am equipment.

You can just pick any of the exercises listed below and try them out. And, don’t forget to comment below if it you liked how it worked for you or not.

The 8 best exercises for belly fat are:-

  • Burpees
  • Running on an incline
  • Russian Twist
  • Medicine ball slam
  • kettlebell swing
  • Scissors
  • BOSU ball plank

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The 7 Best Exercises for belly fat

1. Burpees

Burpee is absolutely the best and the most recommended exercise in the world in case of fat loss./ this exercise works your whole body including chest, shoulder, lat, triceps, quads, and absolutely, the Core. It is a great cardio exercise since it involves explosive polymetric movements.

How to do Burpees:- stand in a position such that your feet are hip-width apart, arms beside you and weight on your heels. After that, get into a squat position and plant your hand flat on the floor. Then, hop your feet backward to get into the plank position( or initial position of a push up). At this position, make sure that your back doesn’t arch. your body should be a straight line( from your head to heels). After that, Do a Push-up and then jump your feet back towards your arms. From this position, reach your arms overhead and explosively jump. Repeat the same movement.

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2. Running on an incline

It has been proven by many studies that Running at an incline instead of doing that on a flat surface increases total calorie burn by as much as 50 percent. It is a great way to add intensity to your running without increasing the pace.

There is no excuse for this exercise. If the incline treadmill isn’t available in your gym, you can just go outside and run on a hill. This exercise burns more calories because your heart and lungs are made to work hander it this movement, compared to the flat running.

Another advantage is that it is great for your knees, Hamstrings, and Glutes.

3. Russian Twist

Russian twist
Russian Twist

The Russian twist is a great exercise for your core because it not only trims your midsection but also helps you build stability in your spine and improves the balance while strengthening your core. It is also a great exercise when you’re tight on time.

How to do Russian Twist:- Sit on the floor with your legs out straight ( you can also keep it slightly bent). Then, lean your torso slightly backward and create a V-like shape(45-degree angle) with your torso and legs by lifting your legs off of the ground. keep your arms slightly away from your chest. Balancing your body in this position, turn your torso(upper body) to the right, pause while creating a squeeze on the right oblique. Then turn your torso to the left and pause again for the squeeze on the left oblique.

Form Tips:- 1. Avoid disengaging your core when fatigue sets in.

2. Perform the movement slowly and steadily.

3. Keep your legs still throughout the movement

4. perform the movement from your arms. Use your Obliques.

4. Overhead Medicine Ball Slam

Medicine ball slam is a great full-body exercise. It works your core, back, shoulders, glutes, and quads and also great for cutting off the fat from your belly since your core is greatly worked on your core.

The medicine ball slam is one of the best strength exercises to ever exist. This exercise is also great for maintaining a good posture.

How to do Medicine Ball slam:- Performing this exercise is pretty simple. Hold the ball above your head with both of your hands while standing tall keeping your feets shoulder width (or hip-width) apart. Then, slam the ball towards the floor as hard as you can with the help of your core, back, and shoulder muscles. Extend your arms while you slam the ball downwards. Catch the rebound and repeat the movement.

Form Tips:- 1. Pick a heavier medicine ball for better results. But don’t go too heavy. Start from 5-6 pound ball and progress up to 10.-12 reps.

2. Maintain your body posture for optimal results.

3. Keep your feet grounded for better stability and control.

5. Kettlebell Swing

kettleball swing
image from flickr

The kettlebell swing is an explosive exercise which is a great exercise to pump your heartbeat faster. While skyrocketing your heart beats, it very efficiently works your core, and also your lower body. It’s an absolute calorie-torching movement.

Kettleball seems to be easy but a lot of peoples don’t do it with proper form.

How to do Kettleball swing:- Plant your feet hip-width apart on the floor. Bend at the knees and grab the kettlebell. After that, pull the kettlebell back into your legs for building momentum. Thrust your hips forward by squeezing your glutes. Straighten your back, and swing the weight to your shoulder height. Let the ball to return to the initial position and then repeat.

Form Tips:- 1. Don’t use too much of your upper body to get the weight moving. That would reduce the work from your core. And hence, you might not burn as much fat as you can.

2. Keep your shoulder relaxed throughout the movement. And avoid engagement of your Arms. It turns this exercise into front raise ( which works your delts.)

3. Use elbow gently throughout the movement.

4. Your hips shouldn’t bend excessively.

6. Scissor Kicks

Many of you might be having problems in redding rid of those lower belly fat even though you have seen some improvements on your upper belly. If you’re one of them, this exercise is just perfect for you.

Scissor kicks is one of the most famous lower abdominal exercises.

How to do scissor kicks:- Start lying on the back while keeping your arms next to your body and your feets pointed toward the ceiling and a few inches above the floor. Press your lower back into the floor to tighten your core. Then, Lower your left leg a few inches. Afterward, Lower your right leg a few inches and simultaneously raise your opposite(right) leg. Then repeat doing the vice versa every time.

Form Tips:- 1. Keep your core tight throughout the movement.

2. Don’t perform the exercise so fast that you rely on the momentum. That would bring less engagement on your core and may result in an injury to your back.

3. Don’t touch your feet to the floor while you’re lowering it. But also don’t keep it to high.

7. Bosu ball plank

BOSU plank
By frank camhi

A core workout id incomplete without any plank exercise. BOSU plank is a more challenging variation of the plank. BOSU plank is a great exercise for strengthening the core muscles also helps increase your metabolism, ultimately helping you to burn more calories and fat. It also improves the stability of the core.

How to do BOSU ball Plank:- Place the BOSU ball in such a way that the rubber side is facing downwards and the flat surface is facing upwards. Bend down and grip the edge of the flat surface with shoulder-width apart grip. Extend your legs behind you and position your body such that your shoulder and heels form a straight line. Hold this position for 30 to 45 seconds, and increase the time as you get stronger.

Form Tips:- 1. Make sure you don’t have your hips either too high or too low.

2. Keep your core, glutes, and quads throughout the movement.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Cycling
  2. Yoga
  3. Strength Training
  4. Cardio Workout
  5. Side to side medicine ball slam

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Adverse Effects of Excess Belly fat:-

  1. Excess belly fat will increase your chance of developing heart disease, Type 2 diabetes.
  2. Hormones in your body like testosterone, insulin, leptin and ghrelin go through a series of negative changes creating a vicious cycle that makes it easier for you to store fat and harder for you to lose it.
  3. When your belly becomes bigger than your hips, medical issues becomes more of an inevitable reality
  4. On top of medical issues, having gut doesn’t make us feel or look great.

My experience through Belly fat loss

Yeah, having those belly fat sucks. Who better to tell that to you than me?

I have been a really heavy guy since my school times. I was bullied & picked up about my fat belly since then. But during my school times, I didn’t actually want to lose that fat.

but as I grew up and went to my high school, I actually started to realize that I have to get rid of these belly fat. So I joined a gym and started considering with fellow gym mates and the gym trainer.

I actually saw slight changes in my body. but not as much as I expected to see. So, i decided to research more online.

While researching about belly fat loss I went through dozens of belly fat exercises and made a concluding list of exercises for me(as a beginner) that could be best for me.

While choosing the exercises, I actually tried out all of them for at least a week and selected the best ones for me. The list above exactly mentions the exercises out of the ones I picked. I will obviously mention those exercises later in the article.

3 Personal Tips for belly fat loss

1. You don’t have to directly target your core

a study verifies this point

2. Do high-intensity exercises

This would be done to release and mobilize the fat stores. But just because the fat stores are mobilized, it doesn’t mean that the fat will actually be used as fuel. And, if it is not burnt through a process called Lipolysis, the fat will return back to where it was. So, the other tips will be there to cover it up.

3. Follow up with a workout that will burn calories immediately (like cardio,full-body training)

4. Maintain Calorie deficit

Shift your attention to burning fat by improving your diet rather than concentrating on burning fat with exercises.

5. Incorporate progressive strength training

Diet Tips to Lose belly fat

  1. Don’t look for a single best diet plan out there!

That is because there isn’t one.

2. Your goal shouldn’t be to strictly eat less

Instead, I suggest that the plans that you can enjoy and that you can stick to, is actually the best one for you.

3. Enjoy the food options

You have to enjoy the food options that are available on your plan or else you’re not going to be able to stick to it. For example- if you can’t imagine living without a card, don’t go on a really low carb diet.

4. Eat enough protein

This is because protein will prevent the loss of lean muscle mass while cutting fat and it will help elevate your resting metabolism since protein requires significantly more energy to digest than carbs and fats do.

5. Go for ‘eat more’ strategy.

You can do that by selecting foods that fill you up without costing an incredible amount of calories. In other words, most of the food you eat should not be calorically dense like Icecream and cake. Instead, they should have low-calorie density like vegetables.

Wrapping it Up

So, Those were the 7 best exercises for belly fat I had for you. I will recommend you to try every single one of them for at least a week and then decide if that would be suitable for you or not. If you liked this article, please don’t forget to share this link with your friends and family and show your love.


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