Top 8 Healthy and Budget Foods To Gain Weight Fast

weight gain foods healthy

If you are the guy on your group then you gotta be relative a lots of things skinny peoples have to go through. Being skinny isn’t a easy, it is equally worse as being fat/ obese.

being a skinny guy kill your confidence and self-esteem. Even I was a skinny guy in my schools/colleges. I had gone through a lot of disgraceful thing. And Yeah, all that is so embarrassing . Everyone thinks you are weak because of your skinnyness. Having big muscles is always the dream of skinnies.
. Therefore, i have decided to prepare this article of 10 most healthy foods for weight gain So that you don’t have to face all problems for future. And Yeah, It is also beneficial for your confidence. Just checkout this list and try and get availability of as much foods as you can Out of this list.

Top 8 Healthy and Budget Foods To Gain Weight Fast

1. Nuts and Dry Fruits

dry fruits

Nuts and dry fruits are one of the most calorie dense foods which can come on anyone’s budget.
If you are upto gaining weight than this would act as the the wings for your fly.Gain weight fast in a healthy way and get the sexy look, start eating nuts and dry fruits!  Just 1/4th cup of dry fruits would serve you 200 calories.

Nut and dry fruits doesn’t mention any types of unneeded calories, it is filled with nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and little fats. Which would help you gain weight.

Just a consumption of handfull of such dense-calorie foods could make a huge change on your food consumption.

2. Oats


Oatmeal are one of the most healthy foods. Therefore, we can find it on the list of any types of healthy foods.

Oats are very good source of high-quality protein. It could help you on putting muscle mass. And, they are also an ideal source of good carbs which can help you gain weight.

3. Avocados


Many peoples say that avocados have a lots of fats So it is unhealthy. But, the fact is that the fats fount in avocados are the healthy types. Also mentioning that, avocado are also calorie-dense food same as dry fruits. It carries same benefits as the dryfruits and nuts does.

A single large avocado can provide you 329 calories which mentions 19gms of healthy fats and 17gms of fibres.

Avocados can be added to many different meals for extra calories or eaten on their own as a healthy and quick snack.

4. Granola

Granola is an excellent source of carbs, calories and nutrients.

You can make your granola with any combination of dry whole grain cereals, seeds, dried fruits, and nuts and serve it as a breakfast or even as a snack when you’re on the go on a busy day.

Since it’s made with mixture of nuts and oats and good calories, eating granola puts fuel on your engine of gaining weight.

5. Full-Fat Yogurt

Yogurts are very delicious so it is never a topic of restriction.Beyond being delicious, Yogurt can also help you gain weig. Including a proper mixture of nutrients like protein, carbs, and fats, Full-fat yogurt is great. It is ideal  ingredient that you can add to many healthy weigh-gain recipes or also drink it.

6. Healthy Oils

healthy oils

One of the easiest way of adding more calories to your diet is by putting additional fat to your food, but putting random fats would have negative impacts. You should put on your times on choosing good fats. Olive oil would be ideal for fat consumption. This oil is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids which is healthy for human.

To gain weight, focus on healthy oils like olive oil. A tablespoon of olive oil contains 116 calories and 14 grams of fat.

You can use it for cooking and baking or you can just stir some into your meals to get the benefits.

7. Whole-Grain Bread

whole grain bread

Whole-grain bread is a very good source of  vitamins, carbs and minerals that can help you gain weight and muscle mass. The carbs present in whole-grain bread help replenish your glucose and glycogen stores. As a result, you will feel more energized and less tired throughout the day.

8. Whey Protein Powder

whey protein

Regular protein consumption is not enough for a person to get bigger, gain weight and more muscle mass in a lots of cases.

Anytime, if you feel like your regular protein consumption isn’t enough then you shouldn’t hesitate on trying Protein powders. It won’t have any side effect until you consume in an unusual amount.

It will take you 100g of chicken breast to get 20-25gms of protein but a single scoop of wheyprotein would provide that much of protein. Therefore, whey protein would be a perfect choice which can come in budget also.

That being said, I hope that this article will somewhere help you on the process of Gaining weight. Or it motivates you to GAIN weight.
NOW its upto you, if you’re  gonna put it on your diet or not. I can just hope for your weight gain.


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