How to get rid of belly fat? Best tips for pros to newbies.



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 Seems like you are one of those millions of peoples who want to avoid having big bellies. Having those ugly BELLY FATS is one of the most avoided things in peoples nowadays. But these days lifestyle of a average personnel is such that they hardly get some times to maintain their physicality. Therefore, specially for such peoples I have decided to prepare a proper article which covers every things we need to get Rid of those sick belly fats.


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Here I present you all the tips you could work on, for getting rid of those belly fats
NOTE :- It even work for weight loss 

Reasons of bellyfat :-

lose belly fat


  • High consumption of trans fat


  • Alcohol consumption



  • Wrong gut bacteria
  • Genetics
  • Smoking:- CLICK HERE for more about it. 
  • Sugary drinks
  • Not spending time on burning calories (i.e. working out)
  • Uncalculated diet
  • Psychological stress:-
  • Hormons could also be a reason
  • Candies and icecreams


  • Energy drinks consumption

    energy drinks, get rid of belly fat


  • Your workout won’t be enough intense
  • Keep your body hydrated all the time
  • Consumption of excessive oily foods
  • Improper meal timing
  • Medical problems
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Drinking fizzy drinks
  • Eating too much and too late


cardio workout for weight loss, get rid of belly fat
  1. Do aerobic exercises like cardio
  2. Cut carb from your diet:-
  3. Calculate what and how much you eat:-
  4. Try running/jogging every morning:-
  5. Avoid being stressed and learn to relax yourself:- Click here for some tips regarding stress management
  6. LEVEL Up the intesity of your workout or freeup more times for gym:-
    exercises for weight loss, get rid of belly fat
  7. Get quality sleep
    sleep, sleep for weight loss, get rid of belly fat
  8. Try better sleeping positions
  9. Visit to the doctors and get a proper diet from a professional dietians:-
  10. Eat high fiber foods :-
    high fibre foods, get rid of belly fats
  11. Burning calories according to the doctor’s suggestion would be better:-
  12. Consuming protein would be good for further workouts :-
  13. Avoid some foods like Alcohol, inflammatory foods, processed foods
  14. Eat more green and cruciferous vegetables :-
  15. Make habit of eating boiled potatoes
  16. Get more sunlight
  17. Consume/keep following food items on your diet:-
    belly fat burning foods, get rid of belly fat
  • Green teas or coffee (specially preferred in moarning):- Increases fat metabolism. 
  • Chia seed:-High in protein and omega 3 fatty acid
  • Yoghurt:- 
  • Cinnamon:-
  • Healthy mummy smoothies:- Has high fibre and vegetable proteins. *Most preffered for vegetarians*
18. And ofcourse!  Consume less amount of fat/transfat


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