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Working the chest muscle is very important. Especially for men, having that big, bulky and strong chest is very important to look good and healthy. Therefore, it is the muscle Every trainer tells you to work on, from the starting days. For your information, the chest comes upon push muscle, which means we can work out chest muscles with exercises having push move.

As you can know from the title of this article, It is gonna be a high volume workout with a lot of reps and a lot of sets.

The best workout for BIGGER CHEST

1. Barbell Bench Press
Reps:-15, 12, 10, 8

barbell bench press, chest exercises

Keep your pinky finger aligned with the wrists. Take a deep breath and rack the weight. As the bar gets close enough to the chest, forcefully exhale pushing it all the way back up. We are gonna start with a lot of reps and then keep decreasing along with every set (15, 12, 10, 8) progressively by increasing the weight So that you get good combination of muscular endurance and strength. When you are bench pressing, always concentrate on something that your cores are engaged and slightly arch your lower back in order to prevent injury and get better output.

2. Incline dumbbell press
Reps:- 15, 12, 10, 8

barbell bench press, chest exercises

The next exercise we are going to do is Incline dumbbell press. We are gonna do same amount of sets and reps as the barbell bench press. Also, as we are coming down in reps, we are gonna add more reps as well. Keeps the bench likely to 45 degrees.
Beginning the movement, keep hands at 90 degrees. Take a deep breath and forcefully exhale, as you push the weight( with full extension ).
Always keep pushing the weight at the same level. So that chests get constant tension, and slowly bring them down to 90 degrees. I like to include exercises with the dumbbell just because the lateral work will help me be away from any muscular imbalances.

3. Incline dumbbell fly to chest press
Sets:- 4
Reps:- 10-12

inclined dumbbell fly, chest workout

Our next exercise is a little bit more complex compared to the others. We will start with the incline fly, bring the dumbbells close to together. And do a close grip press. Don’t go really heavy on this exercise because you want to exert movement throughout the entire movement.
While executing the incline dumbbell fly, make sure that there’s a slight bend in the elbows. I want you to visualize yourself hugging anyone. At the top of the fly, make sure you bring the dumbbells close together, bring them down to your chest and then forcefully push that up. This makes a great emphasis on squeezing that chest muscles.
Chest is a big muscle, attacking it from different angles will help you create a bigger chest.

4. High-To-Low Cable Fly
Sets:- 4

Reps:- 15

chest workout, high to low cable fly

After working on high and mid-chest, finally lets work on the lower chests with the emphasis being on the lower part of the chests.
Probably the most fundamental part of the fly for me is flicking the wrists at the low. It doesn’t seem that much of work but you definitely fill it on your chests.
Again, it’s important that no portion of the chests is neglected to create a full chest.

5. Weighted dips
Sets:- 3
Reps:- up to failure (every set)

weighted dips

Further focusing on the lower chests, we are gonna do 3 sets of weighted dips to failure. It is important while doing dips, not to go too low so that you don’t compromise the shoulder joints. I prefer not allowing to go shoulder joints more than 90 degrees.
To challenge yourself in every set, you increase the weight every time. You can take the rest of upto 1minutes in every rep.

6. Push up

push up , best chest workout

Now we are gonna do 100 reps of push-ups. You don’t need to do all 100 reps in one set. You are free to break it down to 4 sets of 25, 5 sets of 20 or also 10 sets of 10. Just make sure you get 100 reps done.
For a proper form and technique, you wanna keep that core are engaged, butt down and a neutral spot. A 100 bodyweight pushup might not seem a lot, but after some exercises, 100 push-ups are really like a thousand reps. So just stick with this


As the chest is one of your strongest muscles, I recommend doing this workout twice a week.


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