How to do a proper pull up and why you need to do them


Do you want to learn how to do a proper pull up? If Yes then this article is just perfect for ya. In this article we are gonna discuss how to do a proper pull up chin up with proper form, it’s Benefits, and also a Pull-up the workout.

Pull up is a compound movement which works on your upper body(mostly pull muscles i.e. Back etc). It is undoubtedly one of the most versatile exercises.

Pull up can play a crucial role in every person having some fitness goals. It also plays significant role on your career if you want to join army/military or navy. For military recruits of south Asian countries and other several countries, It is compulsory to be able to do specified number of pull ups.

pull up, pull up muscles

Pull up can be performed with different grips and variation. In this article, you are gonna learn doing the pull up neutral grip other several variations like Wide grip pull ups, Chin up.

Before going onto how pull with proper form is done, let’s first discuss its benefits and muscles.

So, Why should you do it over others?

Pull up is a very convenient exercise which we can perform at home. It is multibeneficial, because it targets multiple muscle of your upper body.

Benefits of pull ups:-

  1. Pull up help you get thick back muscles
  2. It increases your grip-strength.
  3. Precisely, it develops pulling strength
  4. It targets multiple muscles.

Pull up Muscles:-

pull up, pull up muscles
  1. latissimus dorsi muscle of the back
  2.  Arms,
  3.  rear deltoid
  4. Forearm and Wrist

Pull up vs Chin up

  • A PULL UP is when your hands are facing away from you.  This will work your back and biceps.
  • A CHIN UP is when your hands are facing towards you.  Although this also works your back, it has more emphasis on your biceps. What differentiates chin up from pull up is that it target more of your biceps. If your are working on your biceps then chin up is actually a good exercise. It has variations like sternal chin ups, weighted chin up, harisson chin up, spine chin ups, one arm chin ups and one hand chin ups.


Pull up Neutral Grip :-

Type: Strength
Main Muscle Worked: Lats
Equipment: Body Only
Level: Beginner

  • Grab your pull up bar with a grip of slightly wider than your shoulder width. Keep you arms straight, hand facing away of you and let your body at rest. 
  • Steadily pull your shoulder blades as you follow the upward movement. 
  • Keep your butt clenched and abs tight throughout the movement
  • Pull your body up using the shoulder blades until your chin is above the bar. 
  • Then steadily come back down. It’s one proper rep.
  • Remember, while doing the movement you back shouldn’t be arched, your whole body must be collinear and take slow and steady rep, it is said to be a proper form.

Chin up:-

chin up muscles
  • Grab the bar at grip of slightly closer then shoulder width which your palm is facing yourself as shown in the figure above.
  • Remember to keep you hand fully straight and keep your torso stretched.
  • Now, Pull your torso upward until your chin is at level of the pull up bar with the help of biceps.                                                Tips: Keep your elbow closer to your body. Your body’s position should be same as the initial position.
  • Now, slow and steadily move your torso downward and Come back to initial position.

Wide Grip Pull ups:-

pull up, wide grip pull up

Doing wide grip pull ups is same as doing Neutral grip pull up. Just the difference is that you should Grip your wrist slightly wider then that in Neutral grip

Pull up alternative:-

1.Wide grip lat pull down

pull up alternative, pull up
Muscle worked: Lats

Equipment  required: Cable

2. Weighted pull ups

If these pull ups are too easy for you then, you can also try weighted pull up while you have weight vest on.

3. High L-sit Pull ups

pull up, pull up variations

If you want to make it harder, initially keep your lower body perpendicular to your upper body as shown in the picture below. Then pull your body upward while maintaining the position.

Fun Fact:-

Pull up world record:-

Most pull ups at a time :-
Most pull ups in a minute:- 51(Adam Sandel from Brookline)
Most pull ups in 24 hours:- 4030(David Goggins From Brentwood

Pull up workout:-

For Beginners:-

  • Monday – Chin ups – 3 sets for maximums repetitions
  • Wednesday – Inverted Rows – 3 sets for max repetitions
  • Friday – Pull-ups – 3 sets for maximum repetitions

For Intermediate level

Once you become able to do 3 sets of 10 reps of neutral grip pull up then you can try any of these:-
Start doing harder variation of pull up like uneven pull ups, side to side pull ups, High L-sit pull ups etc.
You can do the same workout and aim to improve further – 3 sets 12 reps, 3 sets of 15 reps, 3 sets of 18 reps and so on.
Add some weights and try weigh

  • Continue to get better at doing more reps – 3 sets of 12, 3 sets of 15, 3 sets of 20, etc.
  • Start doing other types of pull-ups – like wide grip pull-ups (grab the bar WAY out with both hands), side to side pull-upsuneven pull-ups, etc.
  • Add weight and do weighted pull-ups or weighted pull-ups.


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