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Intense Pushup Session
Push up is legitimately the most popular exercises in this whole world and also one of the easiest.
 The main reason for this fame is surely its efficiency and also it’s  characteristic that it can be performed both as bodyweight exercise and also a free-weight exercise. It means that you can either do it in your home or go to gym, put on some weights on back or, use a weight vest and just turn on the beast mode.


 The push up has multiple variations we will talk about that in later in this article ofcourse but, in this tutorial we are gonna teach you how to do the standard/regular push ups. 
Now lets dive right into the topic:-

How to do a perfect push up?

▶ Firstly get into a prone position as shown in the figure(A) which is also called front leaning rest position(bent position) in militaries.

Rules while being in a prone position

  • Your back, butt and heels must be collinear to each other and the same rule must be followed throughout the movement. 
  • Your hands must be in ground being shoulder-width apart to eachother. 
  • Core must be tightened throughout the movement. 
  •  Your legs must be touching each other at the toe and full lower body must be tightened.  

▶Now steadily lower your shoulders while keeping the core and lower body tight and get to a position as shown in the figure(B).

▶Should must get lower than your elbows.
▶Remember not to touch the floor with your chest, that might ruin you whole movement.
▶Stay a moment at the lower position and push yourself using pectoral muscles, triceps and interior deltoids. Again get back to Position as shown in figure(A).

Push ups for beginners:-

Well, for some complete beginners getting just one rep of perfect push up is big deal while some are genetically gifted. They can do it on first try.

For now, i have a easy tip for those beginners who are repeatedly failing to get that first rep. It would surely assist you on your road to get perfect push up.


 My tips for you is that you should firstly start off doing push ups on your knees (push up knees) as showed in the picture below. Once you get about 15-20 reps of those at a time, you can got towards attempting for that full body push up which is comparatively harder than the push up knees. 

Push ups for different muscles:-

So, now that we have learnt how a perfect push ups is done, lets talk about how we can use different push ups variations for targetting different various muscles.
As its name describes push up is more of a push movement which refers that it targets your push muscles like chest, shoulders and triceps.

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Push ups for upper chest :- For targeting your upper chest you can perform decline push ups.


Click here to learn how decline push up is done.

Push up for lower chest :- Well for targeting the lower pecs of your chest, the push up exercise is opposite. You should do Incline push up.  

Click here to learn how Incline push up is done.

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Push ups triceps :- For hitting your triceps muscles, Diamond push up is the ideal one. The diamond push up is a push up done while having hands gripped closer to each other.

Click here to learn how diamond push up is done.

Push ups for shoulders:- Pike push ups is the best push up which can help you build broader should and give you manly look.

Click here to learn how pike push up is done.

Fun facts:- The Push ups world record has been setted in multiple categories and types. Some of the push up world record are presented below:-Most push ups non stop:- 10, 507 By Minoru Yoshida (Japan)
Most push ups in an hour:- 2,806 by jarred young(Australia)
Most push ups in a minute:- 140 By Krunoslav Budiselic (croatia) Most push ups in 24 hours :- 46,001 by Charles Servizio(USA)
Most push ups 24 hours (female):- 


Push up workout :-

Now finally lets end up the article with something interesting. Here i will give you a push ups workout which i like the most. And I would like to give you a Push up challenge to do this workout 4-6 times a week and comment below the number of push ups you could do before with no rest before the work month and how much you can do after regularly doing the workout for a month.

(Note:- The rep count will be different according to how much  regular push ups you can do. Eg. If you can do 30 push ups at a time, your reps per set will be 10 which is one third of your capability. )


Weeks 1(rest of 60 seconds between each completion of exercise)
Exercise Sets Reps
Regular Push ups 2-3 ()
Wide grip push ups 2-3 ()
Diamond Push ups 2-3 ()

As week passes, in every week decrease the rest time by 10 seconds.

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