Top Best Exercises for triceps you might have been ignoring.

best exercises for triceps

Are you trying to bulk up your arms, gain strength, and boost your muscle definition? Stronger and bigger triceps don’t just help you look better from the back. These are the most effective triceps exercises to stretch your shirtsleeves.**

If you’re looking for more excellent exercises for triceps to add to your regimen, mix up your upper-body workout game with these exercises! Then you have done something while very fewer peoples get to do, “being in the eight at the right moment”.

The fact you should keep on your mind is that just compressing those biceps muscles aren’t gonna give you that strong big arm you have always dreamt of. Peoples these days are following the myth of Working on biceps every single and hoping to get those super-sized triceps. That’s just a myth. The fact is that, you should be more dedicated toward training your triceps rather than biceps.

There are multiple reasons for training your triceps more than your biceps.
Why you should train triceps more than biceps?
It is because your tricep muscles comprise (covers) two-third of your upper-arm mass. It shows that you have double the tricep muscle as your biceps. As you know the more mass it has, more important it is to work on.
Also, your triceps play a very important role in every push/press motion you have to do either in gym or anywhere. Without triceps doing these movements would be 10 times harder.


Finally, let’s dive into the main matter of the articles. Let’s talk about 10 of the best exercises for triceps.  We are gonna talk about 10 different exercises on three divisions.

  1. Triceps exercises in the gym(4)
  2. Triceps exercises at home(4)
  3. Triceps exercises with dumbbell(2)

Triceps exercises in the gym

1. EZ bar skull crusher

skullcrusher, exercises for triceps


Equipment required:- EZ Bar

How to:-

  • Get into the incline bench and keep your arms and bar slightly angled away from your body as shown in the figure above to create more tension on your tricep muscles.
  • Now, lower the EZ bar to get to the final position while keeping your elbow in unmoved.
  • Finally, push the arms outwards squeezing the triceps.
  • That is one full rep of EZ BAR skull crusher.

2. Triceps cable extension

triceps cable extension, exercises for triceps

Now, this one has a very wide variety of attachments. You can try the ropes, single-arm extensions and a bunch of extensions. Personally, I prefer V-grips to you.

It is because it gives your wrist a nice and comfortable position to push down all the way. This one is also allowed to use heavier weight because your wrist is gonna be in nice and stronger position than in the other grips.

Equipment required:-


  •  Your starting position should look like the one shown in the picture(A) below: Just past 90 degrees with your elbow and a nice and strong position with chest out, shoulder back.
  • Now, Press the weight down, keeping your wrist tucked in. Really focus on that triceps muscle making mind-muscle connection.
  • After going up to have the initial position. That’s one complete rep with proper form. Just keep one thing on your mind, to do the movement slowly and steadily to not get affected by the momentum.

(NOTE:- The main thing to keep in mind while being in the initial position of this exercise is that you shouldn’t be too close to the machine. Because when you are right next to it, your arms are nearly parallel to the cable. When you are parallel to the cable, you aren’t gonna get as much tension on your triceps. So, the verse is to step back. Now, you less likely to be parallel to the cable. )

3. Overhead cable extension

cable tricep extension with rope, exercises for triceps

So, exercise no.3 is also an cable extension. Again you can do this with a couple of different attachments here but I prefer using Rope for this one because you are not gonna be going so-so heavy that you got bruises at your pinkies.

Equipment required:- Rope-grip cable
  • Your grab your rope above the head as shown in the figure above. (Note:- Here you have to have a strong position. The main mistake peoples make while doing this exercise does not have a steady and constant position. It means that your whole body up to your elbow must be locked in a place all the time.)
  • From here, extend your arms out away from your body.
  • Now, steadily get back to the starting position.

4. Closed-grip bench press

Closed-grip bench press, exercises for triceps

Equipment required:- Barbell

  • Lie on a flat bench and hold the barbell with a grip slightly closer than your shoulder width as shown in the picture(A) above while having elbows tucked. (Remember not to keep it too close, it is gonna give you wrist injury and your arm aren’t gonna be strong enough.)
  • Lower the dumbbell (slightly farther from your compared to normal grip) steadily having elbows tucked. 
  • Now, get back to the initial position having elbows tucked. 
  • That is one proper rep of closed grip bench press. 

5. Triceps Dips:-

 exercises for triceps

A dip is a compound push exercise that works on a lot of your muscles on your upper body. 

Equipment required:- Dip machine/ Dip bar


  • Grab the Bar with slightly wider than shoulder-width grip having arms fully extended.
  •  Keep the elbows tight to the body and the body upright.
  •  Bend at your elbows lowering your body till the upper shoulder is at least the height of your elbow. (don’t put your body too much low that it starts working on your delts rather than the triceps. )
  • Now, push through the triceps till you reach full extension(flexing triceps at the position.)

Triceps exercises at home (no equipment):-

1. Diamond push up

diamond push up, exercises for triceps
Diamond push up is undoubtedly the most known bodyweight exercise for Triceps. Diamond push up is a variation of Push up, done by doing a push up with a close grip. 


  • Get into your normal push up position. Now, pull your hands inside into a diamond position as shown in the figure above. That’s your starting position.
  • Now, lower your body slow and steady while not spreading your elbow too much.
  • Pull your body steadily upward as you reach as low as your chest is about to touch your wrist.


2. Bench Dip with Elevated Legs

 exercises for triceps
It is the advanced version of normal bench dips in which you keep your feet on a higher surface. 


  • First off all take out a couple of benches or a low bar and a bench. Keep them far enough to accommodate your height.
  • Now, keep your both ankles one of the bench and hand on another bench while having hands-on shoulder-width apart as shown in the figure (A) above . ( Keep your legs straight, torso also straight as well)
  • Lower your body slowly and under control. ( don’t lower it too low, it might hurt your shoulder joint)
  • After you lower to the bottom, hold the position for a second.
  • Then, push your body upwards into the starting position squeezing your triceps.
  • This is one proper rep of Bench dip with elevated legs.

3. Narrow incline bench push up

It is a variation of push which targets your Triceps and helps you build muscle.


  • First, get into the starting as shown in figure (A) above. (You can either use a bed or anything with that height. Keep your arms in a. slightly closer grip than your hip width.)
  • Now,  Lower your body while having your core tightened and torso straight& strong.
  • Push your body up into the starting position. This is one proper rep of narrow incline bench push up.
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Triceps exercises with dumbbell:-

1. Seated triceps extension

 In our fifth exercise (first among dumbbell exercises) we are gonna mention seated triceps extension. This is a great triceps exercises dumbbell for those who are trying to get heavy or do more reps of lighter reps. You just have to be careful about your elbow position throughout the exercise cause it is gonna get pretty hard to get your elbow tucked in when the weight is heavier.
seated triceps extension dumbbell exercises for triceps
  • Sit down on a table or bench near you, and hold one dumbbell with both hands behind your head as shown in the gif aside. 
  • Now, Raise the dumbbell with the help of both of your hands until your arms are almost collinear. 
  • Remember too that your elbows must not be too far from each other. Your elbow should be slightly wider than your shoulder width. 
  • Now, slowly lower the dumbbell to the initial position. 


2. Dumbbell kickback/Triceps Kickback:-

dumbbell kickback triceps, tricep kickback with dumbbell, exercises for triceps
 It is one of the best from this list and also the most mistaken by the majority of peoples.
How to:-
  • Initial position: So, get into a bent position as shown in the picture below. Lean using incline bench.  (Note:- Keep your elbow and whole upper-arm pretty much parallel to the ground or more than parallel. Because if it’s lower than that,  You aren’t gonna be getting the most out of it.)
  • Now, kick that weight back squeezing to the top while keeping that elbow in the same spot.
  • Return back to the starting position. That is one proper rep of Tricep kickback.
  • It doesn’t require heavyweight if done with proper form as I said throughout the article section.

Yeah,  those were the Top 10 best exercises for triceps muscles. These exercises don’t just work for mens but it is also triceps exercises for women. 


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