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Best Workout routine for teenagers
A lot of young men turn to the internet for exercises, workouts and programs and are bombarded by pages and pages of information from the so called experts on how to achieve a nice physique. Although I can appreciate their detailed approach to fitness, I fear people may be overwhelmed and possibly be scared when starting the workout. 
When after all, If you go to pretty much any high school gym the most jacked guys are usually doing the simplest workouts and I can attest to this because this is my two-year transformation from the age 15 to 17 with minimal body building knowledge and I'm gonna show you exactly how you can achieve this.
If you're a teenager and you're wondering if you're too young to start working out the short answer is "no". 13 to 14 years old is perfect time to start training because your body is experiencing optimal cellular turnover rate.
A study done by masters athlete camp confirmed that older athletes require longer to repair from muscle damaging exercises aka lifting weights which means your muscles will repair themselves much faster than when you are older, so take advantage of it. But before you go throw 3 plates on the bar you should first get comfortable with bodyweight exercises. I'm talking push-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc. 
In 3 weeks or so, this should familiarize you with your body's natural movements so when you actually start lifting you don't look like a monkey trying to hump ball. But you're also priming your joints and tendons for when you actually introduce resistance training

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Now that you’ve mastered the kiddie pool it’s time to move on to the big boy weights. The training split that will maximize your muscle gains is simple yet extremely effective. Most probably you have already heard about it, it’s called push-pull-legs.

So what determines a nice physique well the biggest indication is the v-taper formed from your shoulders to your waist which requires well-developed lateral deltoids and latissimus dorsi. I've had in some leg development and you got the perfect X shaped physique. This routine will target those muscles and every muscle in between. Don't worry, I didn't forget about arms so let's jump right into it. 

Day 1 – Push Day

Day 1 will consist of exercising the muscles that require pushing, so chest shoulders and triceps respectively. 
You will begin with chest because it is the largest muscle of the three and you will be targeting the other two secondarily. Focus on flexion exercises, bench and incline bench. But also adduction exercises which means compressing your muscles horizontally. So flies and crossovers with moderate to heavy weight.

Follow with the second-biggest muscle group so shoulders which should already be warmed up from working your chest. And since you’re a beginner it’s fine to do the basics overhead press, lateral raises and reverse flies.

Finish with the smallest muscle group, Triceps which should be fairly exhausted at this point. So we’re gonna do skull crushers, tricep extensions and kickbacks.

As far as what weight and repetitions to do studies show that it does not matter as long as you hit failure. So I like to do three or four sets of heavy weights with low repetitions. So, every exercise should be three sets of eight to twelve repetitions.

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Day 2 – Pulling Day

Day two is pull day, so hitting the corresponding muscles back and biceps. Just like push day, starting with the biggest muscle so back. 
There's no need to do anything crazy since you're new to lifting, the basics will work so focus on flexion motions. Lat pull-downs, rows and pullovers will do the trick. They will target every section of the back,  latissimus dorsi, trapezius and rhomboids minor and major respectively. 
Biceps should be thoroughly warmed up at this point so you should only require one or two exercises to completely exhaust them. Dumbbell curls with full supination (aka turning your palm outward as you curl it up) to engage every part of the bicep should do the trick.
Three sets of eight to twelve reps with moderate to heavy weight will progressively overload the muscle group.


Day 3 – The Leg Day

That brings us to Day 3 which is Legs. I know I wish we could just be born with some tree trunks out of the womb but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. 

Leg day needs its own day because it is, in fact, the most important body part to train. You see, not only is it adding proportion to your body but since it is the biggest muscle on the body, it also creates the most testosterone and growth hormone when pushed to hypertrophy. So working out your legs contributes to your whole body mass. Index the three pillars of legs are squats, deadlifts, and lunges.

The great thing about these three exercises is that they all hit the three primary leg muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings in your gluteus maximus (aka the booty).

After day three you have successfully completed one round of the push-pull-legs workout split. This workout split will allow adequate rest time for each muscle group to recover within the body’s 36 hour optimized protein synthesis window as long as you’re getting plenty of sleep.
And by that I mean at least seven hours per night. So get your rest sleeping beauty.

DAY 4 – Active Rest Day

Day four is an active rest day. Meaning you won't be working out a dedicated body part like the other days so it's the perfect day for cardio and abs. 
I know it sounds boring, but it must be done to increase the body's circulatory system and metabolism functions to get your body operating like a well-oiled machine. This is the perfect routine for the beginner lifter, but keep in mind you can't do this routine forever because muscles adapt to what you put them through. 
Hence, you will need to change it up eventually. So, go to the gym, observe other lifters, go watch some videos to find new workouts and in the words of our Lord and Savior athlean-x"blah blah blah go workout."

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